Top Hotel



Jasper, Arkansas 72641


As the Ranch slumbers and the sun not yet risen over the eastern bluff. The peaceful quiet is interrupted by the sound of thundering hoof beats as horses gallop through the woods. The HCR wranglers whoop and holler as they push the stock down to the day pen. Bays, Paints, Buckskins, Chestnuts, and even an Appy or two make their way through the meadows. The last pony is urged into the corral, the gate is pulled shut and another day at Horseshoe Canyon guest ranch has begun. After a full day of activity, 3 good meals and quite a few new friends made, you can relax on your porch, hit the hot tub, or just snuggle down and sort out the day’s activities at this Arkansas family dude ranch. Enjoy canoeing down the awe-inspiring Buffalo National River, with high bluffs, tall trees, and a variety of wildlife resulting in a peaceful, isolated feeling. Rock climbing is popular year-round, scale large cliffs and peer at breathtaking terrain that seems endless. Of course, there’s nothing like horseback rides, experiencing Horseshoe Canyon, exploring the many caves, springs and clear mountain streams. “Your” horse will be chosen with your particular needs in mind, so you can comfortably enjoy each scenic ride.